0.00Lux 520TVL IR Night Vision Mini CCTV Camera 90 Degree View Angle LM-MC840
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Mini CCTV Camera
0.00Lux 520TVL IR Night Vision Mini CCTV Camera 90 Degree View Angle LM-MC840
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This device is as small as coin. Weight is 12g only. Camera using high sensitivity CMOS imaging devices and high quantity of light (F1.2) wide Angle (90 degree) small lens. Eight high brightness leds, IR850, IR940 controllable auxiliary lighting function make disturbing to effectively distance for 5 meters, in all black environment monitoring 100 square meters of any object. This series of products with small volume, light weight, high stability , have very long working life.It's very suitable for hidden surveillance.  Suitable for 24 hours whole day concealment type monitoring, engineering monitoring, equipment maintenance, and other fields.


    * Small Size: easy to install into narrow room and slim tube, etc.;
    * Light Weight: easy install without causing unnecessary damage on object surface;
    * High resolution, high sensitivity, high SNR;
    * Day & night dual mode;
    * Low Illumination, high quality video;

    * Low Current and power consumption;
    * CMOS sensor generation IV+DSP chip offer true color & HD video
    * 8 high brightness leds, IR850, IR940 combination visual range for 5 meters;
    * Qualcomm light wide Angle small lens (F1.2/90 °)
    * 100 square meters of monitoring scope
    * 520 line digital chip synthesis technology

    * Pick Up element:  Single chip 1/3 CMOS           
    * System:NTSC 
    * Number of pixel:NTSC:656*492(H*V) 
    * Sensor Dimension:4.75mm*3.55mm(H*V)
    * Horizontal Resoltion:Approximately 520TV Lines
    * Sensitivity:0.00Lux/5m
    * Lens& View Angle: 0.5mm F1.2 / 90 °
    * LED Control: 1.Light (Default) 2.On-Off   3.Self-Motion
    * LED:8 pcs IR940
    * Video Out:1.0V p-p/75ohm
    * LED Control Out:1.AV(Default)  2.On-Off  3.Photosensitive Resistor
    * Weight: camera:12g, stand:15g 
    * Work Current: DC5V(LED OFF): 70mA ;  DC5V(LED ON): 220-240mA
    * Power: DC5V:(3.6-5V)
    * Operating Temperature:-10C ~ +50,less than  90% RH
    * Connection:PIN1-Red DC5V ; PIN2-Black GND ; PIN3-Yellow Video Out ;  PIN4-White LED Control Out

Package Contents:
    * Mini camera
    * RCA/BNC cable
    * AC adapter
    * Stand

    * Handle with care.
    * Please don't place or operate camera in damp places or with rain. Once camera is wet, please shut off the power immediately and contact professional persons to repair.
    * Please don't face camera to sunlight. Don't operate it over the spotlight or other strong light, reflector.
    * Please operate cameras under the stated temperature, humidity and power supply.

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