19 inch TFT Roof Mount Monitor with TV LM-MMT486
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Car Monitors
19 inch TFT Roof Mount Monitor with TV LM-MMT486
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There is a saying that your car is your second home, so we think that there should be something special in your car, making it become your real home. This specialized company product:19 Inch TFT LCD Roof Mount Monitor With TV is made for you, install it on the automobile ceiling inside your car, enjoy the TV programs, the vivid pictures or video during your journey, that is life, life will go on, just figure out and enjoy it.


    * Size: 19inch LCD monitor
    * Video color system: PAL/NTSC/SECAM (Auto switching between the three systems)
    * Blue screen: automatic appearance of blue screen when the Video signal disappears.
    * Pixel: 1154 x 864 (RGB)
    * Brightness: 300:1
    * Aspect ratio: 16:9
    * The degree of the screen can be change up to your need
    * Offer English OSD Menu
    * Full function by remote control
    * Power: 15W
    * Power supplied: 12V
    * Video: Dual input
    * IR functions is available



Package Contents:
    * 19 inch TFT Roof Mount Monitor with TV

    * User manual


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