2.7 inch Car Camera Recorder TFT Rearview Mirror Car DVR Loop recording LM-CV973
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Car Rear View Camera
2.7 inch Car Camera Recorder TFT Rearview Mirror Car DVR Loop recording LM-CV973
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    * 120 Degree H.264 multi-language
    * Real HD1920*1080P Rearview Mirror Car DVR Vehicle
    * Loop recording


    * Video size :(1920X1080)(1440X1080)(1280X720)
    * Compression format: H.264
    * Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery / USB Car Charger
    * Support TF card: maximum support to 32G
    * Recording: recordable
    * Output: USB



Package includes:
    * 1 x Real HD1920*1080P Rearview Mirror Car DVR Vehicle 
    * 1 X Operating Instructions   
    * 1 X Mini USB Cable (approx 80cm) 
    * 1 X Car Charger with Mini USB output   
    * 1 X AV output


Functional operation:
    * This DV is very simple to install,Use clamps covered in the mirror. Connect the cigarette lighter, hidden line

Power supply:
    * Using the charger. Method(1)Connect a USB charger 2 Connected to the computer
    * The process of charging, green light, when the DVR is fully charged, the green light will automatically extinguish.
    * Connect the charger  12V/24V
    * When the car starts, the DVR will automatically start recording. Power-off after five seconds, the DVR will automatically shut down and automatically save the file previously recorded.
    * Note: Only use the output of the vehicle power supply voltage of 5V and use the car charger power supply, 2 or power failure to turn off the DVR

Video mode:
    * Switch of 2 or connect a USB charger, the DVR will automatically enter the recording mode. (Please install the TF card) at this time, the long bright blue light, red light flashes, documents will be automatically saved in the TF  the USB car charger or press the switch (2) off the DVR, the red indicator will stop flashing.

Camera mode:
    * Then click the OK button to stop recording, then press the Menu key 3 into the camera mode switch 2 the DVR, press the Enter key 7 camera.

Browse and delete files:
    * Open the DVR and press the OK key7 stop recording, press the two-mode key 3 to enter the playback mode. On turn key 5 select the recorded file and press the play button 7 play or preview. If you want to delete the file, stop playback, press the Menu key 4 to enter delete mode. Press the turn 6 choose to delete or formatted. Return operation to continue to press the Menu key 4. 

Function setting:
    * The DVR to stop recording, press the Menu key (4), enter the setup menu interface. According to those who turn key6 select specific parameters to confirm the operation, press the Enter key 7. After completion of all the settings, continue to press the Menu key 4 return to the settings interface.
    * Video size :(1920×1080)(1440×1080)(1280×720)
    * Language Settings: English (default) / Russian / Japanese / Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese / French / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Turkish / Greek / German
    * Format: Memory / TF card (choose one format)
    * Frame rate the: 15FPS/30FPS (default setting)
    * Light frequency: 50Hz (default setting) / 60Hz
    * Date / Time: Two menu keys 4 standby mode, press to enter the setting interface, press the down arrow key to 6 set  7 press the Enter key to save.
    * Video: Off / 2 minutes (default setting) / 5 minutes / 15 minutes. When the option to turn off the TF card is full will stop recording, does not loop video
Date Label: Off / On (default setting). When the Select option to turn off, video is not the time display.
    * Default settings: cancellation / confirmation. Select OK, the DVR will revert to factory settings.
    * Motion detection: Off (the default) / open
    * Recording: OFF / ON (default setting)
    * Version: Displays the system version number

    * USB cable to connect the DVR to your PC, the two options will be displayed on the display (connected to the computer / webcam), keep in mind the need to insert a memory card.
    * HD TV or monitor preview
    * Using high-definition cable DVR and HDTV, the DVR will automatically enter the preview mode, preview mode, and preview the same steps on the screen.

    * Please insert the TF card in the video before the first
    * This DVR recording mode selectable loop recording, when the storage medium is full, the DVR will automatically again from the original storage media to start recording a new content and overwrite the old file.Overwrite the old files at the same time, the DVR will have about three seconds of time blind, DVR will stop the recording time of about 3 seconds.
    * Please use the included USB car charger for DVR-powered car charger containing 12V/24V switch to 5V adapter. If the output voltage is greater than 5V, the DVR will be burned.

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