5.8G 500mw 8 Channel Wireless AV Receiver and Transmitter Kit RC805+TS352 LM-TR474
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Wireless Device
5.8G 500mw 8 Channel Wireless AV Receiver and Transmitter Kit RC805+TS352 LM-TR474
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Features of 5.8G 500mW Wireless Video Transmitter Receiver:
With channel DIN-switch to change channels
5.8G 500mw transmitter is powerful transmitter with fan,it is compatible with all our

5.8G VRX like RC305, RC805 , AIO goggles and 5.8G DVR DV01.


    * Transmitter frequency:5645-5945MHz;8CH
    * Transmitting Power:500mW/27dBm
    * Transmitting distance:>5000m(open area)
    * Frequency control:built-in frequency and phase lock loop 
    * AV input:analog AV signal input
    * ANT connector:SMA(inside the needle)
    * power supply:6.5-15 volts
    * Current supply:400mA
    * Size:68*26*28mm
    * Weight:65g(no cable and antenna)
Remark:The transmitter's power input is ranging from 7-12V,however the voltage outptu from the TX for the camera us 0.5V,lower than the input power.It's suggested to use 3S lipo 11.1V battery.
Note:antennas must be attched before powering on.
    * Receiving frequency:5665-5945MHz;8CH
    * Receiving sensitivity:-90dBm
    * Frequency control:built-in frequency and phase lock loop
    * Double lines AV output:analog AV signal output
    * Antenna connector:SMA(Inside the needle)
    * Power supply voltage: 8-12V
    * Supply current: 100mA  
    * Dimension: 61*52*13mm(aluminium alloy extrusion profiles)
Remark:The receiver's power input is ranging from 8-12V,dual AV output is supported
Note:the av cable uses 3.5mm plug on the receiver RC805

Frequency of each channel:
    * CH1:5705 CH2:5685
    * CH3:5665  CH4:5645
    * CH5:5885  CH6:5905
    * CH7:5925  CH8:5945

Package Contents:
    * 1 x TS352 Transmitter
    * 1 x Antenna
    * 1 x RC805 Receiver
    * 1 x Antenna for receiver
    * 1 x Power cable
    * 1 x AV cable

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