9 Mega Pixel Film, Slide Scanner with 3.0 Inch Color LCD Screen LM-FS1142
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9 Mega Pixel Film, Slide Scanner with 3.0 Inch Color LCD Screen LM-FS1142
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High Resolution 3.0 Inch LCD Film Scanner (9 MP, 5040x3360, HDMI & AV Out)
Featuring a 9 megapixel image sensor and an impressive resolution of 5040x3360 pixels, this film scanner offers the most accurate photo reproduction in its class.
Designed to work with 35mm negatives, slides and roll film, this film scanner
lets you turn your old 35mm film into modern digital photos and can be used independently of a computer thanks to the built in SD card slot. Once you digitize them into JPG files they can be copied, moved, duplicated freely with a simple click of a mouse. This is really a small investment in both convenience and safety for all those irreplaceable photos.
This film scanner can be used in many occasions as well. With Video and HDMI out, you can connect to your TV or stand alone monitor and use it us a visual aid for presentations. Displaying at a stunning resolution of 5040x3360 pixels, your photos will be truly brought into life. It's also a great way to share some old photos with friends and family.

    * 9 Mega Pixel Stand alone Film/Slide scanner
    * 2400DPI high resolution
    * 3.0" Color LCD display
    * Auto Exposure/Color Balance Algorism by Powerful Processor
    * Support Various SD Card includes (up to 8GB SDHC); 1200pictures/1G
    * USB2.0 interface with USB Power or AC Power
    * TV out feature/TV out: HD 1080 and NTSC/PAL



    * Image Sensor: 9 Mega CMOS sensor
    * Lens: Precision TM Glass Element Fixed Focus
    * LCD: 3" Color LCD
    * Internal memory: 20MB NAND Flash (for saving images)
    * Exposure Control: SD/MMC compatible
    * Focus Range: Fixed focus
    * Exposure Control: 6 levels of control
    * Color Balance: 6 levels of control
    * Scan Quality: 2,400 dpi
    * Data Conversion: 10 bit per color channel
    * Scan Method: Single pass
    * Light Source: Back light (3 white LEDs)
    * Interface: HD 1080, TV-out NTSC/PAL (video 3.5mm jack), USB 2.0
    * USB Configuration: Mass Storage Device Class/MSDC
    * Power: 5V adapter, or USB power
    * Dimensions: 100mmx90mmx168mm
    * Weight: 0.46kg



Package Contents:
    * Negative/slide film holder
    * Roll film holder
    * User manual
    * USB power core
    * USB/video cable
    * Clean brush

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