Car Pillow Stereo, Bone Conduction, Bluetooth Stereo Hands-Free Phone Sync LM-CK1290
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Bluetooth Car Kits
Car Pillow Stereo, Bone Conduction, Bluetooth Stereo Hands-Free Phone Sync LM-CK1290
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    * Adopting Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR specifications, compatible with Bluetooth version 3.0 and below, working distance can reach 15 meters or more under the condition tested.
    * Use full frequency high-fidelity stereo, restore voice signal.
    * Supports auto pairing, enter power saving mode automatically.
    * Support incoming call broadcast numbers automatically in Chinese Voice
    * Using bone conduction technology to answer the phone more convenient
    * Built-in advanced fireproofing memory foam pillow, more comfortable and healthy.
    * Support call back to the last call in the log one-key.


    * Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
    * Transmission Distance Up To 10 Meters
    * High-Fidelity Audio Restoration
    * 1200mAh Lithium Battery
    * Input Voltage: DC12-24V
    * Output Voltage: 5V,1A
    * Standby Time: 10 Days
    * Usage Time: 5 Hours
    * Bone Conduction
    * Compatible With Devices Running Bluetooth 3 And Below

    * DC Power

    * Follow the installation instructions, fix the Bluetooth car pillow properly on the driver's seat
    * Press the power switch on the Bluetooth pillow, cushion will play a beep voice, with blue led lights flash rapidly, the Bluetooth waits for pairing mode at the same time.
    * Switch on the mobile phone bluetooth, scan for Bluetooth devices to find the device whose mane is"Saintya" , and pair with it.
    * When the cushion beeps again, the blue indicator light flashes slowly, which means that pairing connection is successful, you could enjoy it now.
    * You can recharge the pillow by leading the hole to the vehicle power supply, When charging, pillow bright red and blue lights, After completed, pillow shows red light.

    * Bluetooth cushion voice is controlles by phone device, if sound is excessive, reduce the volume of the mobile phone , if the volume is too low, increase the volume of mobile phone, and adjust the position of the head cushion
    * When listening to music via the pillow, please adjust the mobile's volume to extend battery life
    * When the battery voltage is too low, the Bluetooth connection will disconnect automatically, please charge it timely
    * Some phones do not support easy pairing, such as Symbian phones, you need to enter the pairing passkey "0000"

    * Bluetooth cusion is with built-in module, do not pounding or beat to avoid damage
    * When untie the outer cloth cover for cleaning, please notice not to wet inner sleeve. Ware the coat till it's dry totally
    * For the first time using, please amplely charge. when not in use, charge it every three months

Package Contents
    * Manual
    * Car Charger
    * USB charging cable

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