Car Rear View Mirror + Parking Camera Combination - 4.3 Inch Display, WDR, Night Vision, Motion Detection LM-CR345
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Car Rear View Camera
Car Rear View Mirror + Parking Camera Combination - 4.3 Inch Display, WDR, Night Vision, Motion Detection LM-CR345
[ LM-CR345]
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Record what is happening in front and protect yourself when backing up with this practical combination of a Car Rear View Mirror and a Parking Camera. The rear view mirror replaces your existing mirror by simply strapping over it and then using the provided cables you connect to the parking camera that is placed at the rear of the vehicle. With a 1/2 Inch Color CMOS Sensor and a 120 degree wide viewing angle, the front camera captures all the moments as they happen and records them onto a micro SD card as there is a built-in slot allocated for this, which can support up to 32GB. Six LEDs will light up the camera for it to record evening when the lights go down and the environment becomes dark to ensure you have constant quality footage from the 720p video resolution of the camera. Once the card is full or at the end of the trip you can remove the card and playback the footage on your computer or any other device that supports micro SD. Powering this front camera is a built-in 500mAH Polymer lithium battery that can easily be recharged via the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle in the dashboard.

WDR is a quality function that this rear view mirror for cars offers, this guarantees that during the day time the picture is not effected by the backing light. WDR provides clear images even under back light situation where concentration of illumination can vary exceptionally, that is to say when there are both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view of the camera. Motion detection will come into play, therefore even when there is nothing happen the camera will come alive if it detects any activity making certain it does not miss a thing. The parking camera at the back is just great for them moments when you have to reverse and cannot be sure if something is behind you.

    * Rear View Mirror + Parking Camera Combinaton
    * 4.3 Inch Display
    * WDR
    * Night Vision
    * Motion Detection



    * Front Video Resolution: 720p, 640×480
    * Rear Video Resolution: 720x480
    * FPS: Front - 30FPS, Rear - 25FPS
    * Picture Resolution: 3M (2048×1536)/ 2M (1600X1200)/ 1M(1280X720)
    * Video Format: MOV
    * Image Format: JPEG
    * G-Sensor
    * WDR
    * Motion Detection
    * Cycle Recording
    * Built-in Microphone
    * Power Source: Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery or Car Charger
    * Battery Size: 500mAh
    * Usage Time: 25 Minutes
    * Language: English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Deutsch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese

    * Display Size: 4.3 Inch
    * Display Resolution: 480x272
    * Non Touchscreen

    * Front Image Sensor: 1/2 Inch Color CMOS Sensor
    * Rear Image Sensor: 0.3 Inch Color CMOS Sensor
    * Viewing Angle: Front - 120 Degrees / Rear - 90 Degrees

Night Vision
    * Infrared Light: 6 IR LEDs
    * Min LUX: 1


    * Micro SD Card up to 32GB


    * Micro SD Card Slot
    * Micro USB
    * AV-IN

Package Contents
    * Car Rear View Mirror + Parking Camera
    * Car Charger
    * USB Cable
    * Connection Cable
    * Straps
    * User Manual


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