EDUP Wireless Disk Wifi Storage Moveable Memory Easy Download&Upload On Phone And U-Disk LM-EP104
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EDUP Wireless Disk Wifi Storage Moveable Memory Easy Download&Upload On Phone And U-Disk LM-EP104
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Power 7 WiFi Dongle device (Project Name: Sable)is a portable wireless storage device with one USB 2.0 host. Sable allows you to convert any USB external storage devices into a WiFi accessible media. Connect your USB external storage into the built-in USB port. Power the unit on and you can now wirelessly access your videos, music, photos, data and stream it to your iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones, and notebooks. There is no need to worry about running out of space on your mobile devices. And simply connect USB cable to your computer to run the device. As simple as 1-2, you are ready to enjoy your device and no waiting needed. With the External USB connected, the portable WiFi USB can be accessed while the device is connected to computer or powerbank. Without the wired limitation, you can enjoy listening to music while travelling with Sable in your backpack, share photo with your family by placing it at any house corner or lay back watching movies in the beach – with a range of up to 150ft you’ll never feel tethered to your Sable. Best of all, the Sable can bridge the Internet connection to your existing wireless router, so you may access the data in the storage while surfing the Internet simultaneously.

File and System Manager App
    * Two way file transferring between Sable and your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer with Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n). Available iOS and Android mobile app with search utility function to find and locate specific data file.

    * Bridge to Internet Access
Bypass your Internet access to your existing WiFi router, so you may access any data in the SD or HDD while surfing the Internet simultaneously.

    * Share with Friends & Family
Allow 5 maximum concurrent connections for sharing videos, audios, photos and data.

    * Easy to Configure and Operate
Friendly user interface design with wizard guide to assure even the novice can get Sable start to operate in minutes

    * Type: Network Attached Storage
    * Interface: Wireless
    * Connection: USB
    * Color: White
    * Material: ABS
    * Brand: EDUP
    * Model No: EP-3701
    * IEEE Standards: 802.11a/b/g/n

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