Fake TV LED Light & Built in Light Sensor and Timer, Burglar Deterrent LM-FT1293
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Fake TV LED Light & Built in Light Sensor and Timer, Burglar Deterrent LM-FT1293
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Recreating the light of real television, this ingenious little LED lamp will fill the room with super bright light in thousands of different shades. Simulating the scene changes, fades, swells, and on-screen motion from a TV set, it will look just as if you were watching TV. This way, you’re house will look occupied, even though there is no-one at home. Burglars can easily spot a lamp on a timer but with the fake TV glowing in your living room, your house will look alive and keep possible intruders at bay. Coming with a built-in light sensor, the Fake TV LED lamp can automatically switch on when it gets dark.


    * Recreates TV Effect
    * Light Sensor
    * Low Power Usage
    * Makes Your House Look Alive and Keeps Intruders at Bay


    * LED Power: 3W
    * LED Colors: White, Green, Red, Blue
    * LED Modes: Random
    * Settings: On, Dusk +4 Hours, Dusk +8 Hours
    * LED Life: 30000 hours
    * Light Sensor
    * Simulates Scene and Color Changes, Fades, and On-Screen Motion
    * Power Source: Power Adaptor


Package Contents:
    * LED TV Simulator
    * Power Adaptor
    * User Manual


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