Fingerprint Reader USB 2.0 Biometric Security Password Lock for PC LM-FR1038
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Computer Accessories
Fingerprint Reader USB 2.0 Biometric Security Password Lock for PC LM-FR1038
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Set boundaries, reduce stress, stop family members from snooping around your precious files or prevent business colleagues from gaining access to your private data files at lunch time with this Cost effective, Biometric 2.0 USB Fingerprint reader and software. This product utilizes the unique nature of your fingerprint patterns to limit unauthorized access to your PC and enhances private file security, with its advanced file protection features.
Encrypt your valuable PC data by simply lifting a finger! Includes software which supports encryption for Windows login, Screen saver lock, Password, File/Data Encryption.

    * Light, Simple Compact Black design
    * Feel Secure with this Cost effective and Personal, Biometric 2.0 USB Fingerprint Reader
    * Encrypt PC Access, Windows login, Screen saver lock, Password with easy to use updated software CD



    * Designed for PC
    * USB 2.0 interface
    * Encrypt your precious computer files or data with your fingerprint or password
    * Prevents unauthorized access to your computer
    * Supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    * Language: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / German / French / Japanese / Italian / Portuguese / Spanish / Russian / Korean
    * Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS



Package Contents:
    * 1 x Software CD
    * 1 x Biometric USB Serurity Fingerprint Reader
    * 1 x usb Cable
    * 1 x English user manual

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