GSM Alarm Receiver LM-GAS679
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3G Camera&Alarm system
GSM Alarm Receiver LM-GAS679
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LM-GAS679 GSM Alarm Receiver mainly finishes the functions that receive GSM SMS data and voice, and transfer them into standard RS232 serial port. It can submit the SMS data and voice to computer by connecting the RS232 serial port of GSM data module and computer. GSM SMS and prerecord voice module mainly complete the functions about GSM SMS and transforming telephone display into standard RS232 communication agreement. All these are convenient for the second development and application. 


    * Use together with  Monitoring Center Software     
    * One GSM Alarm Receiver can manage numberless GSM alarm systems.     
    * It is better for one GSM alarm receiver to manage 200 to 500 GSM alarm devices. 
    * Support GSM900MHz/1800MHz;GSM850/1900MHZ (is used in Americas) (Select one)
    * A standard RS232 serial port, baud rate 9600bps
    * Support standard SMS data-format, including functions of receiving and sending message.
    * Can achieve telephone-show and converse control.
    * Provide power adapter and directive of receiving & sending data.
    * Voltage: AC220V (input), DC7.2-9Vl (output)

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