HD 1080P Car Key Camera with Motion Detection & Night Vision LM-CK1155
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Car Key Spy Camera
HD 1080P Car Key Camera with Motion Detection & Night Vision LM-CK1155
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LM-CK1155 appearance design is exquisite meticulous, with the original locomotive key one to one, easy to carry. It Supports PC-Camera function, suitable for network video.Full HD 1080P camera will bring you more clearly wonderful colorful world. It also support HDMI output, let image to bring you more real experience.In low intensity of illumination, it also can be HD video recording.Built-in high capacity lithium battery, but many circulation charge, endurance to 80 minutes.Motion detecting mode lets you won't miss the wonderful moment.And with infrared night vision function, under low illumination is still wonderful.

    * Take Video
    * Photograph
    * Motion Detection
    * PC camera
    * IR Night Vision
    * HD 1080P
    * Probable maximum support 32GB TF-card
    * 5 million pixel camera, shoot to 12 million pixel photo


    * Video format: AVI
    * Video coding: M-JPEG
    * Video resolution: 1440X1080P
    * Video frame rate: 30FPS
    * Player software: The operating system bring, or video playback software mainstream
    * Format images: JPG
    * Image pixels: 12M Pix
    * Image proportion: 4:3
    * Support system: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os;Linux;
    * Battery capacity: 400mAh
    * Working time: About 80 minutes
    * Recharging voltage: DC-5V
    * Interface type: Mini 5 Pin USB 2.0
    * Storage support: TF card
    * Battery type:  High capacity polymer lithium electricity


The matters needing attention:
    * Applicable occasions: please strictly abide by relevant state laws, shall not disclose such products used for any illegal purposes, otherwise the consequence is proud.
    * Software upgrade: in order to make our products has better properties, manufacturer will continue to perfect product software, this product has the convenience of clients myself upgrading software characteristic,please ask the local distributor for the latest version of the software information and upgrade method.
    * Working temperature: please in natural temperature, do not use in the body can not adapt to temperatures
    * Work in human suitable humidity: please life environment humidity use, do not send products in the damp working environment, the product does not have waterproof function,please avoid to make this product drench water or exposure in the rain.
    * Filming illumination: please have sufficient illuminant under the environment of use, do not send camera directly to the sun light, lest such super optical device damaged.
    * Cleaning requirements: do not excessive dust density under the environment of use, lest lens and other components infected with dust, affect camera effect
    * Waste treatment: please pay attention to environmental protection, not discarded this product. Prohibit to this product throwing in fire, for preventing explosion.


Package contents:
    * Carkey camera
    * USB cable
    * Mini charger
    * Manual


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