HD 720P Ball-point Pen Camera LM-PC1153
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Pen Spy Camera
HD 720P Ball-point Pen Camera LM-PC1153
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    * Take Video
    * Photograph
    * Recording
    * PC camera


    * Video format: AVI
    * Video encoding: M-JPEG
    * Video resolution: 1280*720
    * Media playing software: Attached software of the operating system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software, recommend Kmplayer
    * Picture format: JPG
    * Supporting system:  Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista, Mac OS10.4 (uncertainty, depends on the computer model)
    * Charge pressure: DC-5V
    * Interface type: 4 Pin USB
    * Storage support:4GB/8GB memory
    * Battery type: high-capacity lithium polymer .


--Q: Why the indicator lamp does not respond after I have pressed the startup key on my device for a long time?
--A: Please check if the device power is run out and it’s recommended to connect the power adaptor, computer or standby power source to charge the product, then try if it may be powered on normally.

--Q: Why the RED, BLUE and GREEN lights on my product will flicker rapidly and simultaneously and then the product will automatically power off 10 seconds later?
--A: When it happens during operation, it indicates that the memory space runs out, the device will automatically save the file being recorded at present and it indicates the auto power-off around 10 seconds.
If you shall continue to record video files, please delete the files you don’t need again from the computer.

--Q: Why the RED, BLUE and GREEN lights on my product will flicker alternatively and then the product will automatically power off 10 seconds later?
--A: It indicates the insufficient battery power, it’s recommended to use this player after it is charged completely.

--Q: What shall I do if my product cannot respond for more than 2 minutes and no keypad can respond?
--A: You need reset the device. Please plug the device into the computer or charger, and then keep the OPERATION KEY is pressed and disconnect the usb.


    * Application: Please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. This product should not be used for any illegal purposes. The user is fully responsible for its using purpose.
    * Battery: If do not use this recording function after long time, please charged it fully before using.
    * File security: This product is not a professional storage device. It does not guarantee the integrity and security of saved files.Please back up your important documents on the computer or other storage device timely.
    * Video quality: This product is not a professional video recording device. It Does not guarantee the effect of the video file to have the professional quality
    * Operating temperature: 0—40°C. For the extension of life, it is best used at room temperature.
    * Shooting brightness: Do not expose the camera directly to strong light, such as the sun light, to avoid damage to optical devices.
    * Cleaning: Do not use it under the environment with high dust density to avoid the contamination of camera lens or other components.

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