HUD-F01 Car Head Up Display Projection Display Car Speed LM-CH559
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Car Accessories
HUD-F01 Car Head Up Display Projection Display Car Speed LM-CH559
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Digital display engine speed state
Water temperature too high tip and Engine speed tip
Instant km fuel consumption display and battery voltage display
Auto wake up host, the unit will turn on when the engine start . And auto standby when the engine off
Auto adjustment on HUD display brightness , bright in day time and not dazzling in night time
DualScan head-up display ( Head Up Display ), hereinafter referred to as HUD, is widely used in aircraft flight auxiliary apparatus. As the mean pilots do not need to be able to see him down important information. HUD appears the earliest in * * aircraft, reduce pilot looked down meter frequency, avoid attention disruption and loss on state of consciousness ( Situation Awareness ) master. Because the HUD convenience and can improve the flight safety, aviation machine also in succession follow-up installation. Part of the car industry is also similar to the device as a means of marketing to attract customers, but are not widely used.

Vehicle running at a high speed, especially at night when travelling at high speed, if the driver down to view the instrument display or viewing stereo display, front in an emergency is possible because the time to take effective measures and cause an accident. To prevent this from happening, a few models equipped with BVR head-up display ( HUD ) system, it can be the information displayed on the front windshield of the driver level range, and the display position, the display brightness is adjustable. BVR head-up display ( HUD ) system is also called the head-up display instrument.


    * Display type: digital
    * Baby for: All conform to the second generation of vehicle automatic diagnosis system (OBD II) models
    * Product Size: 90mm x 57mm x 15mm
    * Product weight: 0.08kg
    * Environment temperature: ~40c+80cAtmospheric pressure86-106kpa
    * Alarm sound level: >>=30db
    * Working voltage: 9v~16vdc(12vdc/70mA)
    * Display project: Speed, engine speed, instantaneous fuel consumption, engine temperature, battery voltage
    * Speed display: Projection display car speed; The safest way to avoid lower the head to watch
    * Engine speed: Show car engine speed state
    * Instant oil consumption: Display the current instantaneous speed per liter of gasoline mileage drivable
    * Speeding tip: In the setting of overspeed alarm value, to achieve the speed flashing lights up and prompt
    * Battery voltage: When the battery voltage is lower than/when to 12 v, warning will light up to remind
    * Engine temperature: Water temperature reached 115 degrees automatically alarm and light up
    * Km unit: The international system of units, the general use kilometers per hour, with km/h
    * Buzzer mark: According to the switch can be opened and closed buzzer sound

This product supports only after 2007 and meet the OBDII standard car use

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