Lantern Solar And Hand Crank Dynamo Flashlight with AM&FM Radio And Moible Phone Charger LM-SF34
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LED Flashlights
Lantern Solar And Hand Crank Dynamo Flashlight with AM&FM Radio And Moible Phone Charger LM-SF34
[ LM-SF34]
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    * AM/FM with volume control
    * Siren function
    * 5pcs bright LED for light function, 8pcs LED for lamp
    * Solar charger or dynamo charger
    * To charge built in batteries by solar panel, cranking dynamo, USB cable or DC adapter
    * Can be mobile charger
    * power: Built in 3.6v/700mAh lithium rechargeable batteries or 3xAA batteries

   * The Solar Panel: Put the solar under direct sunlight, the solar panel will charge the built-in rechargeable batteries immediately.
  * Cranking dynamo: crank the Cranking Handle at a pace of 120 turns a minute, it will charge the built in batteries quickly, 2 minutes cranking will charge the battery to work on 3 LED for 10-20 minutes.
  * The radio: It is a AM/FM radio .TO have the best reception, extend the telescopic antenna to get FM stations with the best reception. Flashlight/Emergency Light. Use the Flashlight Selector switch to turn on the 3LED flashlight or the Emergence Light.
  * Siren. Use the switch Siren & Blink Light On/Off to turn on/off the siren. Charge the built in batteries with different power source: Use the optional AC adaptor ,you may use the 110V/240V adaptor to charge the batteries. By plug in the DC Output Jack ;or you may use the USB cable to charge the batteries too . The adaptor and cable not included in the package.
  * The multifunction flashlight can be used as cell phone charge for many different types of phone. You may charge the MP3 players too, if you have proper type of cable and tips. Cable and tips are not included in the package.


* Solar panel: 35-60 MA when charging the batteries. The built in batteries can be fully charged under the direct sunlight for over 15 hours.
    * The built-in rechargeable batteries. 3.6V/500MAH lithium rechargeable batteries.
    * The batteries can be fully charged by USB power within 5-6 hours.
    * When the batteries are fully charged ,the radio can work for 5-7 hours; the flashlight can work for 20 hours ;emergency light can work 3-5 hours, blinking can work for 3-5 hours
    * Siren sound level: 85-90db
    * The radio: AM 520 KHZ-1710KHZ. FM: 88MHZ-108MHZ.
    * To our best knowledge, 3 minutes dynamo cranking will charge batteries well, the flashlight can work for 15-30 minutes ,siren can work 30-50 minutes; the radio can work for 30-40  minutes ;emergency flashlight can work for 10-20 minutes.


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