Laser Wireless Multifunctional Detector LM-DC01
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Hidden Camera Detector
Laser Wireless Multifunctional Detector LM-DC01
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1.InHotel room to prevent eavesdropping and photographs surreptitiously.
2.In car to prevent the tracker or montior.
3.In gambling place to prevent electronic cheating.
4.At school to prevent exam electronic cheating.
5.In house to protect safety and privacy.
6.In Government which prohibited all mobile phone.
7.Any private room or space in the company, factory, cinema, opera house, dressing room and so on.


Laser detecting distance:10cm-10m(cam see IR flash).
Electronic wave detecting distance:5cm-10m(according as the transmitting power of the camera)
50mw-200mw detecting distance will be 30-50cm
300mw-600mw detecting distance will be 100-200cm
800mw-1200mw detecting diatance will be 300-800cm
Detecting indication mode:
1.If IR laser flash, that means the target was found
2.Vibration indication detecting
3.Sound Alarm indication detecting
4.According the signal from weak to be strong to find the target directly Automatic detecting function:
This unit will remind you via vibration if there is pinhole camera or other wiretap equipment around you.
Electronic wave sensitivity adjusting:
4 sects LED indication. Adjust the high sensitivity to make the detecting range wider,and adjust the sensitivity to be low in order to make the detection range shorter.
Power supply:1.5v AAAX2
Consumption current:8mA
Detecting wave diatance:920mm
Receiving range:1MHz-6500MHz
Optic Lens:professionl IR lens

Package Content:
Model LM-DC01
User Manual - English

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