Mele F10-PRO 2.4GHz Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Intelligent Voice with IR Remote Control for PC TV LM-KB285
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Keyboard & Mouse
Mele F10-PRO 2.4GHz Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Intelligent Voice with IR Remote Control for PC TV LM-KB285
[LM-KB285 ]
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    * streamlined industrial design, beautiful and stylish
    * Oil keys away from the traditional charcoal process, using metal Guozi buttons, to ensure a good key feel
    * using double-sided silicone keypad, to ensure a good touch feeling
    * The world's top supplier of ST sensors six-axis sensor, fast and accurate gesture control
    * Built-in high-quality lithium batteries, with over-current protection, greatly improving the life of the machine
    * long standby time, standby time of up to two years


    * multi-function remote with keyboard, mouse-sided
    * 2.4G, infrared dual mode, support for infrared wake up and standby
    * Confirm key and the left mouse button adaptive mode, easy to use
    * mouse, keyboard, game a key switch, convenient

    * High-quality voice (downstream sampling rate 48KHz), users can enjoy CD-quality sound through headphones music
    * MIC input audio using a 16K sampling rate, the effect can guarantee good call
    * MIC + Headset + handset industry's high-end configuration, you can use a cellular phone.
    * one-button audio switch sound output locally and TV

    * Can be used with Computer, TV and Media Player.

    * Maximun in frared remote range up to 10M

    * True motion mouse with qwerty full- function mini keyboard.

    * Wireless high quality voice speaker system: speaker ,mic and earphone jack

    * Your natural hand movements drive more interactive and convenient

    * 2.4Ghz wireless receiver integrated design

    * Built- in rechargeable lithium - ion battery

Package Contents
    * 1 X Air mouse F10-Pro
    * 1 X Receiver
    * 1 X Charging cable
    * 1 X User manual

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