Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Earbud Headphone LM-BH06
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Wireless& Bluetooth Headset
Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Earbud Headphone LM-BH06
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This is capable of having two device connected to the headset at the same time. This will give the freedom of using call waiting between on both of your connected phones. Around the neck wearing style with body contoured fit Provides premium sound experience
Ambient Noise Cancellation
For use with compatible smartphone
    * Great stereo sound
    * Won't fall out of your ears
    * Built-in microphone for making calls
    * On-ear-controls: Volume, tracks and calls
    * Flexible design- can be folded to pocket size
    * Protective case included

    * Wireless Techonlogy: Bluetooth V.4.0
    * Works with any Bluetooth-enables device
    * Wireless Range:Up to 10 meters
    * Battery indicator: On iphones and IOS devices
    * Music time:Up to 6 hours


    * Pair the headset with one of your bluetooth-enabled phones
    * Turn the headset off
    * With the power off, press the CALL button and slide the power switch to the 'ON' position at the same time for 2 seconds to enter Manual Pairing mode
    * Now,pair and connect the headset with your other Bluetooth-enabled phone.(This will be your primary phone)
    * Once this phone is paired and connected, go back and connect the originally paired phone to the headset, This will now be your secondary phone

Call function:
    * Voice Dialing and Last Number Redial features work with primary phone (or handset which made the last outgoing call)
    * While speaking on an active call, press and hold the CALL button for 1 second to switch to an incoming call

Ambient Noise Canceling:
Ambient Noise Cancelling actively reduces more background noise than any other

cancellation technology
    * Side the ANC switch to the "ON" position
    * The LED indicator will show a solid violet light and you will hear "ANC On"
    * Side the ANC switch to the "OFF" position to deactivate the Ambient Noise

Cancelling feature.
    * The Ambient Noise Cancelling feature optimizes noisy environments, such as buses, frains, and airplanes. There is no need to use this feature in quiet environment
    * Be extra cautious while walking, bicycling, or driving. You may not hear warning signals or alarms

Battery Status Alert:
    * To check the battery status, press and hold the Volume Down button for 1 second
    * There are 3 levels of battery status:"Battery high", "Battery medium", "Battery low".
    * This battery status indicator will appeat on the phone screen

SMS Reader:
    * This Bluetooth headset supports SMS reading in Android based devices

Package Contents
    * Extra pair of earpads
    * USB Charging Cable
    * User Manual

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