RGB LED Controller - Glass Touch Panel, 24V For LED Strip & Home Lights LM-LC18
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LED Lights
RGB LED Controller - Glass Touch Panel, 24V For LED Strip & Home Lights LM-LC18
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Glass Touch Panel RGB LED Controller is a great way to have power over your LED Strip or Home Lights.

RGB LED Controller

This is a wall mounted RGBW touch panel LED controller that can be used to control the colors and modes of different likes such as LED strips or LED housing lights. The ‘M’ button controls the mode selection and is the switch button, plus you can increase and decrease the brightness and speed directly from your fingertip with this touch panel controller. Also you can use the color ring on this RGB LED controller to change color immediately or gradually. This is perfect for anyone who wants modern looking and cool looking switch to control the LEDs in their household.

    * RGB LED Controller
    * Glass Touch Panel
    * 24V For LED Strip / Home Lights
    * Home Decoration for RGBW Touch Panel LED Controller


    * Working Voltage: DC 12V - 24V
    * Current: 4A (Each Channel)
    * Connection Mode: Common Anode
    * Power: 144 Watts / 12V, 288 Watts / 24V
    * Static Power: Less Than 1 Watt
    * Working Temperature: -20 Centigrade to 60 Centigrade
    * Buttons: ON/OFF, M - Mode Selection + Switch Button, Left button - Increase (Brightness or Speed) One Level at a Time, Right Button - Decrease (Brightness or Speed) One Level at a Time, Rainbow Color Ring -Immediate Color Selection or Gradual Color Change
    * Compatible: Working with RGB Multi-Color LED Strip Light

Package Contents
    * LED Controller
    * User Manual


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