SupFire C8 Waterproof Bright LED Flashlight with 350 Lumens, CREE Q5 LM-LF15
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LED Flashlights
SupFire C8 Waterproof Bright LED Flashlight with 350 Lumens, CREE Q5 LM-LF15
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    * Model: Five-speed dimming 1PCS * 18650 LED Flashlight
    * Bulb Type: CREE white light LEDQ5
    * Brightness :240-350 lumens
    * LED-Life: 100,000 hours, do not have to worry about frequently changing a light bulb
    * Control circuit: high efficiency, reliable - constant current regulator circuit
    * Dimming modes: Single file circuit
    * Working voltage :3-4 .2 V overpressure will burn the board with lights, is no longer under warranty
    * Available Battery: 1PCS * 18650
    * The lit time: 18650 full power for 3-5 hours
    * Dimensions: Length 145MM 45MM tail lamp diameter cap diameter 25MM
    * Aluminum - lights - Cup: Smooth light cup, the perfect spot, no black circle, black heart and defective products
    * Case Material: T6063-T6 aeronautical material aluminum, automatic CNC fabrication
    * Appearance treatment: anodic oxidation hardening, non-slip handle, feel good and more convenient to carry
    * Exterior Color: Lotus head, black
    * Switch mode: tail button switch -ON/OFF
    * Water requirements: IPX-6, enhanced waterproof design, can effectively anti-life water, rain water, but do not guarantee diving
    * Maximum range: 200-350 m
    * Mode: bright light, medium light, low light, strobe, SOS
    * Continuous lighting time: bright light 3-4 hours




    * The product is convenient and practical, suitable for the family standing emergency flashlight;
    * Special operational needs (such as levee patrol, search, on-site inspection, security, marine first aid, night observable, etc.);
    * Outdoor activities (hiking, camping, survival, hiking, latent sea, Chuigou, etc.)
    * Professional needs (such as the appreciation of jewelry, mineral identification, LCD screen check the flashlight, etc.).
    * Reminder: flashlight light is too strong, do not right the human eye exposure, ultra-bright glare can temporarily blind, especially children.
    * The picture shows the in-kind shooting, there will be some distortion, or there will be a small change in each batch of product, please understand.



    * LED flashlight
    * Lanyard
    * Battery
    * Charger





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