SupFire X8 Waterproof LED Bright Flashlight with 720 Lumens, CREE T6 LM-LF18
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LED Flashlights
SupFire X8 Waterproof LED Bright Flashlight with 720 Lumens, CREE T6 LM-LF18
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    * Base Type: CREE T6 lamp
    * Light flux: 2.1A current, up to 720 lumens (default)
    * Lamp life: 100,000 hours, do not worry about frequently changing a light bulb
    * Control circuit: the default for reliable, efficient 7135X6 constant current circuit board (with memory, with battery low pressure over discharge protection)
    * Lighting mode: five-speed dimming lighting (strong / medium / low / strobe / SOS)
    * Using battery: 18650 lithium battery * 1 (ordinary batteries can not be used)
    * Lighting time: 2800MA battery low brightness of more than 800 minutes, 2.1A current board light profile about 100 minutes
    * Case Material: T6063-T6 aeronautical material aluminum, automatic CNC fabrication
    * Maximum range: 100-200m
    * Waterproof :IP67
    * Glossy reflector cup lamp cup: aluminum alloy plating
    * Size: Length 155mm; Head diameter 45mm; lamp body diameter 25mm
    * Weight: without batteries 175 (g)
    * Water requirements: enhanced waterproof design, anti-life water, rain water, but do not guarantee diving
    * Lighting mode: switch Press firmly is ON / OFF, touch shift.
    * Five-speed: low 5% - 30% - 100% - explosive flash-SOS



Package contents:
    * LED flashlight
    * Battery
    * Charger



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