SupFire Y1 Waterproof Bright Flashlight with CREE Q5 & 1000 Lumens & Five-speed Dimming LM-LF24
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LED Flashlights
SupFire Y1 Waterproof Bright Flashlight with CREE Q5 & 1000 Lumens & Five-speed Dimming LM-LF24
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    * Case Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
    * Surface treatment: hard anodized
    * Color: Titanium Black
    * Light source: imported CREE Q5 High Power LED
    * Power: 2 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, or 4 16340 lithium battery
    * Current: 1200MAH
    * Waterproof grade: IP68
    * Drive circuit :6-18V beam :800-1000 lumens of brightness and a range of 500 meters
    * Battery: two high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery 18650
    * Lighting time: 240 minutes of bright light
    * Brightness: 100% 5 m brightness 1000LUX 30% of brightness 350LUX 10% brightness 130LUX
    * Spot diameter: 1 m diameter of the irradiated spot is 8CM
    * Size: length 235MM lamp diameter 56.5MM grip diameter 25MM
    * Cruise Time: 30% brightness of 360 minutes, 10% brightness of 1000 minutes, 100% brightness 120 minutes
    * Switch mode: tail button switch (with luminous button)
    * Charging way: flashlight living directly charging (patented technology)




Flashlight features:
    * With deepened glossy aluminum light cup 1.CREE Q5 LED flashlight condenser maximize long-range
    * 6-18V wide voltage circuit, compatible with two 18650 batteries, 4 16340 batteries or four CR123A battery
    * gold-plated brass lamp holder, heat more thoroughly
    * flashlight charging function only Division I configure dedicated charger and batteries!
    * Function: inspection, search, inspection, first aid, targeting, such as the appreciation of jewelry, suitable for the family standing
    * Basic configuration: two flashlight +18650 battery + direct charge + color box
    * CAUTION: this subsection, the flashlight can only be used with the combination of our original battery to charge the flashlight directly, if it is to buy a separate battery optional cradle to charge.



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