Supfire HID-35W High Bright HID Xenon Flashlight Searchlight Hunting LM-LF22
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LED Flashlights
Supfire HID-35W High Bright HID Xenon Flashlight Searchlight Hunting LM-LF22
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    * Aluminum hid xenon torch flashlight
    * High power
    * strong brightness,
    * HID lamp
    * rechargeable




    * Lamp: 35W/28W dual power
    * Output power: 35W/28W dual power
    * Color temperature: 6000K
    * Working time of 110 minutes / 35W 140 minutes / 28W
    * Battery: 11.1V 4400mA / H
    * Head diameter: 85mm
    * Body diameter: 46mm
    * Length: 380mm
    * Weight: 1200g
    * Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - +85 ℃
    * Product Color: Black Silver
    * Manufacturing process: aluminum case
    * The irradiation distance: 1000 meters
    * Ann Setter AC: 250-400HZ
    * 3500 lumens of brightness
    * HID (High intensity discharge) that high intensity gas discharge lamp using high-tech xenon gas into the quartz tube, through sophisticated ballast 12 volt power instantly to 23,000 volts, excite xenon tube electronics free bunch of super-arc light continue to light, not only shone brighter, also illuminate the broader, we call the gas discharge xenon super white arc light similar to daylight, the sun is formed between the two electrodes.




Safety warnings and warranty statement:
    * HID bulbs are high-tech products the HID bulb lit the process is in the high-temperature, high vapor pressure, high voltage, fragile and explosive dangerous goods, non-professionals, prohibit the HID bulb exposed security the case of light.
    * frequent extinguished move and then immediately re-lit shorten lamp life, unless an emergency situation, it goes out cold home three seconds and then re-lit, in order to extend the life of the product.
    * Do not direct people's eyes in the ten meters.



    * When the flashlight dims, remove the battery and charge it. Overuse may damage the battery.
    * Please insert the battery in the correct way. No anti-mounted battery.
    * Do not point directly at the eyes of human in case of any damage due to the strong light.
    * Please charge the battery with the original charger.
    * Do not disassemble or refit the flashlight personally in case of any damage to the flashlight.
    * If without use of the flashlight for a long time, please remember to remove the battery and put it in the dry place.
    * Do not beat, bump and hit the battery in case of battery failure. Please note batteries are not in warranty.



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