T203 Series Portable Multi-function Car Jump Starter LM-CS1282
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Car Accessories
T203 Series Portable Multi-function Car Jump Starter LM-CS1282
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    * Provide emergency start for 12V the automobile.
    * Support mobile charging for various brands mobilephones, MP3/MP4, PDA, tablet PC
    * Multiple safety protection design to ensure zero defect products
    * High luminance & multi-mode LED lighting .
    * High safety: By using rare-earth materials, in any case the battery is no firing nor explosion
    *  High temperature resistance: Products can been stored between 80-85 for long time.
    * Easy to start the car: Continuously start the automobile for over 30 times, even if power is only 20%
    * Min exquisite and portable: The battery, 1/5 volume of equivalent specification lead-acid batteries, only 500g weight
    * Mobile power supply: Support mobile charging for various digital  electronic products
    * Ultra-long life: Over 3000 times cycle life


    * Battery Capacity:10000mAh (37Wh) Li-polymer
    * Cycle life:>300 times
    * EC5 output:8-12V /300A(max) Peak Cranking Power
    * USB output:USB:5V/2.1A(max) Micro USB:5V/1A
    * DC charging input:DC :12V/1A Micro USB:5V/1A
    * Charging time:DC 12V:~4-5h(12V @ 1A charging current)
    * Micro USB:~9-10h(5V @1A charging current)
    * LED light power White:1W Red:1W Blue:1W
    * Working temperature:-20℃-60℃
    * Storage temperature:-20℃-60℃
    * Net weight:380g
    * Unit size(LXWXH):145x72x28mm


    * The unit only can be used for jump-start car in emergency , it can’t replace the car battery.

    * Please connect the alligator clip to car battery correctly: red to red and black to black.

    * When Voltage of the built in lithium battery is lower than the lowest Voltage to start-jump a car, the unit can’t work.

    * When the car battery voltage is lower than 3V,the unit will treat the car battery as bad one and can’t start automatically.

    * When you disconnect the unit and the car battery, please try to prevent the positive and negative touching otherwise there would be spark casuing potential safety hazard. If you connect the positive and negative unconsciously, the unit will power-off automatically.

    * Please choose the right mode for your car .

Mode Description:

    * White Light Illumination means white LEDs keep lighting.

    * Traffic Warning light means Red LED and Blue LED keep flash

    * SOS means white LEDs keep flash for 3 short time-3 long time -3 short time.

Unit discharging from USB output:

    * The unit built in Micro USB output cable, Please use it charging your MP3, mobile, or others portable device.

    * The unit built in Type A USB output port, output max 5V/2.1A current to charge for standard USB portable devices.

    * Note: It is the best charging effect to charge your device by your own original USB cable .

    * Unit charging:The unit support Micro USB 5V/1A and DC 12V /1A charging input, please select corresponding cable to charging the unit.


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