Wi-Fi To IR + RF Smart Remote Controller - Via InternetLAN, Android + iOS Supported LM-RC919
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Wi-Fi To IR + RF Smart Remote Controller - Via InternetLAN, Android + iOS Supported LM-RC919
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Wi-Fi To IR + RF Smart Remote Controller

Control how all the appliances in your house work just by using your smartphone thanks to this intelligent Wi-Fi to IR and RF Smart Home Automation Wi-Fi Remote Controller. This intelligent remote control can include all infrared remote controls in the sitting room to your mobile phone therefore by downloading the appropriate app you can control your television and air conditioning unit from your mobile smartphone and  eliminate the need to have half a dozen controllers spread out across your front room. This WiFi device provides a new level of automation and control flexibility just as long as your smartphone can wirelessly connect to the Wi-Fi at your home or office. Once you have installed the handling app onto your Android or iOS device; then you can control your home appliances.


Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

This smart home systems has preset the commonly used template, with simply infrared studying, you can store the operation commander the TV, set-top boxes, speakers, air conditioning etc to your mobile phones as well as high-end control systems. Just enter the remote controller home page and add new devices; followed by setting the devices on the control board. Then the custom panel can be set according to one's own preference. Ideal to be used for controling your TV, speakers, air condition, door, projector etc this Wi-Fi to IR and RF Smart Wi-Fi Remote Controller lets you have fun

and full control over your home appliances. The controller has a remote IR distance of 10 meters so you can sit comfortable in your room with the device and use this remote controller without any connectivity problems.

    * Wi-Fi To IR + RF Smart Remote Controller
    * Via Internet/LAN
    * Android + iOS Supported
    * Used for Devices: TV, Speakers, Air Condition, Door, Projector


    * Power Adapter Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    * Output Voltage: 5V (USB)
    * Input Current: 2A
    * Working Temp: -20 to 60 Degree Celsius
    * Remote Distance: IR 10 Meters
    * Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz
    * IR Frequency: 38KHz
    * Wireless Type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
    * Wireless Power: <100mW
    * Work Environment: Indoor
    * Working humidity: < 80%
    * Control: Wi-Fi To IR and RF control
    * APP support OS: Android + iOS
    * Support Remote Controlled via Internet/LAN
    * Station Display: Two LED Display


Package Contents
    * Remote Controller
    * Power Adapter
    * USB Cable

    * User Manual

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