Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Sleeping Headphone Wear Eye Mask Phone Call Answer LM-BH11
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Wireless& Bluetooth Headset
Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Sleeping Headphone Wear Eye Mask Phone Call Answer LM-BH11
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This is a Bluetooth wireless stereo music eye mask, it can connect to the mobile phone which support Bluetooth or has Hands free Bluetooth protocol and other portable devices which support AVRCP. Before using stereo Bluetooth music eye mask to answer the calls, please first finish the pairing of Bluetooth eye mask with Bluetooth mobile phone or other Bluetooth device, according to the opreation specification under below.
Popular in Europe and the United States fashion Bluetooth eye patch, built-in high fidelity stereo Bluetooth Headset and high-quality memory sponge, through this product can be wireless to answer the phone and wireless enjoy music, can greatly stimulate and exercise your  vertebral cells and optic nerve, relieve ciliary muscle fatigue, smooth muscles, reduce the long time with the eye caused by dry eyes and pain, to promote The new supersedes the old., eye repose. This product is suitable for people in tourist, long-term office and Home daily life.



    * Music Player
    * call volume adjustment
    * make and answer calls
    * the use of mobile phone keypad dialing
    * number redial to the last phone call
    * To answer incoming calls
    * Hunging up
    * Reject the phone call



    * Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 4.1+EDR including ESCO and AFH
    * Power standard: Class 2
    * The communication distance: 10M
    * Bandwidth: 2.4GHZ (2.402-2.483.5MHZ)
    * Emission sensitivity: about 4dBm
    * The receiver sensitivity: -92dBm
    * Horn parameters: 30mm 32 euro 0.25W*2
    * MIC distance: about 1m
    * The signal-to-noise ratio of SNR: 98dB
    * LED indicator: power / to code / charge
    * Continuous play time: 5--6 hours
    * Working current: 10--25mA
    * Charging time: about 2 hours (please full charge before first use).
    * Range of working temperature: -10-50 degrees
    * Operating humidity range: 10-90%

Press the on/off button till the LED light blink 5s, turn from blue to red. Open the Bluetooth in phone and match with the device "Sound Sleep" After match successfully open the music in your phone, then you can enjoy the music with the eye mask, press the on/off button can pause it Press the on/off button, you can answer the phone. press again for hang up  Long press the Forward button for volume +, long press the Back button for volume . Press on/off button 2-3 seconds can back to dial the telephone When charging the red light on, while charging is complete, the red light will off.

During use , please make sure that the distance between stereo Bluetooth music mask and your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device is less than 10m; if there have walls and other obstacles in between, communication distance will be reduced accordingly.


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