Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard - Bluetooth, Built-in Battery, Works with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS LM-PK810
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Keyboard & Mouse
Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard - Bluetooth, Built-in Battery, Works with Android, Windows, Mac and iOS LM-PK810
[LM-PK810 ]
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Combining portability with functionality, the ultra portable “Keybeam” is the solution for a portable keyboard which doesn’t take up much space. Pocket sized, the “Keybeam” will project a full sized keyboard on any flat surface and using laser tracking technology, keystrokes will be detected up to 400 characters per minute. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, the “Keybeam” can be used with virtually any phone, tablet, PC and laptop for a smooth and fast way of text input.


Slide the “Keybeam” in your pocket and experience the comfort of typing on a virtual keyboard anywhere you go. On top of that, the “Keybeam” doesn’t require a cable to connect to it host device as its comes with built-in Bluetooth. All you have to do is pair both devices and a wireless connection will be set up in no time for extra flexibility. Start typing away on this full size virtual keyboard!

    * Virtual Laser Keybaord
    * Bluetooth
    * Ultra Portable
    * Built-in Battery


    * Bluetooth Version: 2.0 with HID Profile Ver. 1.0
    * Keyboard Light Source: Red Laser Diode
    * Projection Size: 241mm x 101mm
    * Projected Keyboard Location: 97.9mm from Keyboard Device
    * Keystroke Sound: Built in Buzzer (Mute Possible)
    * Visibility: Good Contrast up to 1800 LUX
    * Detection Rate: 400 Characters per Minute
    * Detection Algorithm: Multiple Key Strokes
    * Required Projection Surface: Non-reflective, Opaque Flat Surface
    * Power Source: Built in Battery
    * Battery Size: 700mAh
    * Compatible Software: Windows XP/vista/7/ 8, IOS (Iphone 4/5s/5c and Ipad), Android 3.1 and Higher, MAC OS X
    * Language: English

Package Contents
    * Laser Projection Keyboard
    * USB Cable
    * User Manual


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