Wireless Spy Bug Covert RF FM Audio, Listening Device, Easy Operation LM-F908
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Listening Device
Wireless Spy Bug Covert RF FM Audio, Listening Device, Easy Operation LM-F908
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This product adopts the most new imported chips, circuit board design is advanced. The products meet the voice is the most clear, the most stable emission frequency, the distance from the using effect. Can be used in various fields, to bring you a safe, convenient, rich and colorful daily life.

    * Using the wireless transmitting and receiving technology, without any charges, the battery can be used directly.
    * The use of external environmental protection type lithium battery and 9V battery. After use can be removed at any time so as to avoid unnecessary waste battery.
    * The sound clear, ultra high sensitive clear pickup, at a distance of several meters away from the transmitter quartz clock "tick" sound can be heard clearly.
    * Emitted from the emitter to achieve the best results. Open to straight-line distance of up to 500 meters or more, the situation is different neighborhoods as the building up to a distance of about 50-300 meters.
    * Dedicated highly sensitive receiver frequency is not within the scope of the public, the other device can not receive a strong confidentiality.


    * First, the emitter connected to a 9V battery, and then straighten the transmitter antenna (ie black cord) the place where you need to listen,
open the rear cover on the receiver 3.7v lithium battery, put on headphones to turn on the power switch,adjust the channel on the receiver adjustment button until the received signal sounds best so far.
    * Tone can be adjusted according to the size of normal use. (Button is shown)


    * Remember transmitter battery To install the correct polarity to avoid unnecessary damage.
    * Do not use the position of the transmitter on the ground, otherwise it will affect the transmission range.
    * Transmitter antenna to straighten or vertical transmission range to achieve the best results.
    * Receiver sound effects such as poor or noisy circumstances use the Adjust button to fine-tune the sound of the best so far.
    * Transmitter and receiver battery will affect the transmission range and reception quality of sound, then replace the battery in use.
    * The transmitter and receiver away from home appliances, wires and other metallic materials, to affect reception.
    * Attention to safety when using this product, avoid high temperature, humidity, fire place to avoid damage or cause dangerous consequences.


    * Receiver Size: 788mm × 500mm × 165mm.
    * Receiver Weight: 53g (with battery)
    * Receiver Operating voltage: 3.7V
    * Receiver operating current :20-30ma
    * Transmitter Size: 270mm × 195mm × 150mm.
    * Transmitter Weight: 10g (without battery)
    * Emitter Voltage: 9V
    * Emitter current :15-40ma

    * Frequancy: 126MHZ


    * 1x  receiver
    * 1x  transmitter 
    * 1x  3.7V lithium battery
    * 1x  9V battery.  
    * 1x  Headphone  
    * 1x  USB cable    
    * 1x  Manual 

Note: the factory emission head in the 14 channel, the software automatically reset the battery, to adjust the new channel (channel 14), according to the normal use.

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