Wireless Video Camera and Audio Bug Detection,Wireless Tap Detector LM-DT918
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Hidden Camera Detector
Wireless Video Camera and Audio Bug Detection,Wireless Tap Detector LM-DT918
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You can never be too safe these days. Everywhere from the company meeting room, to hotel rooms and bathrooms, it seems like no place is safe from prying eyes. And now, technology has advanced to the point where almost ANYONE can listen in on your phone calls. Thankfully, that same technology lets you do something about it. With this wide band wireless AV tap detector, you can ensure that no wireless cameras or transmitting audio bugs are trying to gain access to your private conversations. Conduct your company meeting, legal discussion, or personal conversation with security and peace of mind.
Just turn the knob and this Wireless Tap Detector will start working to find hidden cameras and other devices that are currently transmitting over radio frequencies. Tracking is made much easier with the ability to fine tune (even in noisy areas) and with the display of 10 LED indicators, which show you exactly how close you're getting.

    * Wireless Tap Detector
    * 9 Level LED Indicator
    * Sound and LED Light Alarm
    * Small and Portable
    * Includes everything you need to get started!


    * Main Functions: Wireless video cam and audio bug detection
    * Detection Frequency:
             - Scope of sensitivity range: 1 MHZ-8000 MHZ
             - Primary detection range: 20 MHz-6000 MHz
             - Detecting dynamic range: >70Db
    * Coverage Area: 10-20 meters
    * Indicate mode: 9 level LED bar graph with increasing optic sound alert
    * Power Source: 9V alkaline battery
    * Typical Battery Life: 120 minutes
    * Dimensions: 120mm x 62mm x 23mm (L x W x D) Antenna off
    * Catalog Ref: Counter intelligence, Anti-peeping tom device, Corporate security surveillance camera detector


Package Contents:
    * Wireless Tap Detector
    * Battery
    * Antenna
    * User Manual



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