Zsun SD111 Wi-Fi Wireless 16GB U Disk - Flash Drive For Android & IOS Phone & PC LM-WU426
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Computer Accessories
Zsun SD111 Wi-Fi Wireless 16GB U Disk - Flash Drive For Android & IOS Phone & PC LM-WU426
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Wireless storage

No more USB ports, don’t worry as this compact 16GB drive allows you to wirelessly access any movies, photos, music and documents stored on it quickly and effortlessly from your mobile device or computer. You don’t need any internet connections, messy wires or a bulky router as this handy little gadget has its own wireless router built in.

A Network in your pocket

With its wireless storage you can quickly access files from your Android phone, iPad, tablet or computer and you can have up to 5 devices access it simultaneously so you can easily share files with your colleagues and friends using a range of mobile devices and computers. The built in battery can charge in just 1 hour and will allow you 3.5 hours of continuous usage. When you consider it has a read rate of 38Mbps and the ability to stream video to 4 devices then sharing your latest home movies or watching your favorite TV shows together, wherever you may be, is just one of the many practical uses that make the Zsun shine.


    * Zsun SD111 Wi-Fi Wireless 16GB U Disk
    * Flash Drive For Android + IOS Phone + PC


    * Protocol Standards: IEEE 802.11n / IEEE 802.11g / IEEE 802.11b
    * Storage Media: EMMC
    * LED Light: Charge Status, Work Status
    * Wireless Rate:150MBps
    * Wired Read Rate: 38.48MBps
    * Wired Write Rate: 26.89MBps
    * Wireless Security: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK Encryption
    * Battery: 700mAh
    * Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
    * APP Charge Status Display
    * Charging Time: Less Than 1 Hour
    * Usaget Time: 3.5 Hours
    * Protection Mechanisms: Temperature Protection, Overcharge Protection,

Overvoltage Protection
    * Access: Simultaneously Access 4 User
    * Capacity: 8GB 16GB 32GB
    * Operating Temperature: -10 to 85 Degree Celsius
    * Compatible System: Android, IOS, Windows

    * Micro USB

Product Notes
    * Battery: built in

Package Contents
    * Wireless U Disk
    * USB Cable
    * Manual

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